Blue Tick Beagles.
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"Mocha sketchers of Jvan "
Name: Mocha Sketchers of jvan
Nickname: "Sketchy"
Sex: Female
DOB: January 16th 2008

Sketchy is our first Blue Tick Beagle.
She comes to us from Jvan Kennels of
West Virginia. She has 12 champions
in her line in the past 3 generations.
5 field champions and 7 speed trial

Why we choose Sketchy

coloration: Sketch has plenty of
browns and tans, real nice dark black
and just amazing ticking.

Size: Sketchy is a relatively small girl
that is well proportioned
Our mission, as breeders of Blue Tick Beagles, is quite simple and clear.
We want to provide beautiful dogs with:
Great ability
Solid personalities
Easy temperament
Strong nose
Complimenting the Beautiful and useful breed.
Not For Sale:
We will post when we have pups
are available.
We are currently looking for a stud dog. If you have a stud you think we may
be interested in please send photos and pedigree to:
(Sketch Hangin' out)
(Lizzy & Sketchy enjoying a beautiful
late fall afternoon)
(Sketchy and Shanz - Just plain ol'
having fun)
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